Certified So: Redefining Happiness

To rest

And blessed

The very first day?Genesis 1:1-5


He didn't.

But if not,

Why not?

Or did our Lord

And Maker,

Mankind's Savior

And Creator say,Isaiah 45:9-12Isaiah 54:5

"Let there be air."

And then He stopped

To rest

And blessed

The second day?Genesis 1:6-8


He didn't.

But once again

We have to ask,

If not,

Why not?

Or why not

Stop on the third?Genesis 1:9-13

Or hallow the fourth?Genesis 1:14-19

Or rest and bless the fifth

With all the beasts,

And birds?Genesis 1:20-25


The ceaseless toil

Without a pause or break

When Jesus

Could have stopped

To celebrate,

Or commemorate,

Any day He wished?

All we need to do

To know the reason why

Is gaze into a mirror

And ask our Maker why.

For it was because

Of what He did

When everything

Was finally ready

On the sixth.

"And the LORD God

Formed man

Of the dust of the ground,

And breathed

Into his nostrils

The breath of life;

And man

Became a living soul."Genesis 2:7 KJV