Certified So: Redefining Happiness
The Still Small Voice

Always tend to make us

Focus on our own

Spiritual condition.

And then,

Just as soon as Satan sees

He has our full attention,

He starts to pound us

With the hammer

Of conviction


No matter

How sincere or earnest

Our petition,

He makes us think

Our faith still seems

Too weak

Or that our love

For God the Father

Still seems too meek.

And thus,

By causing us incessant grief

And consternation,

He tries to make us

Blame the Lord

For all his

Heartless accusations.

In the end,

Satan strives

To make us spurn

The Still Small Voice

Of conviction1 Kings 19:11-12

By leading us to think

That God is the one

Who is always

Taunting us

With hurtful words

And harsh-sounding,

Angry accusations,


"Surely anyone

Who really loves the Lord,

Would never feel this way."

But God

Is not the author

Of our consternation,

Nor do we ever

Need to heed

Satan's softly spoken words

Of condemnation.

For even though

We know the Holy Spirit

Often must remind us,Proverbs 1:20-30

We also know

That He will never

Chide us