Certified So: Redefining Happiness
The Waiter

The master

To his servant said—

The master

To his faithful servant,

Like Elijah

To the hungry widow said.1 Kings 17:10-13

And what did

His servant say?

Did he tell his master

That he couldn't,

Because he had to eat first?

Or that he wouldn't,

Because he needed

To renew his strength first?


He didn't.

And yet isn't this

Precisely what

The twelve disciples said

When they,

Who were the servants,

Asked their Master

To be spiritually fed?

Jesus gently pointed out

Whose needs

They should have focused

On instead.

And had we asked

The same today,

This is what

He might have said.

"And which of you,

Having traveled

To your favorite place to eat,

Will say to the waiter

Who waits on your table,

'Come at once,

And sit down to eat!'

But will you not rather say,

'I want some of this,

And I want some of that,

And what is your special today?'

For everyone

Who orders knows,

That faithful waiters

Always serve the needs

Of those,

Who place an order,


Before they stop to eat."Based on  Luke 17:7-8

Spiritually speaking,

We, too,

Must do the same.

The same as the widow,