Certified So: Redefining Happiness
Feed Me First

Her neighbors told her.

Do they seem

To sound familiar?

They should,

Because we still hear

The same today.

That "we cannot give,

What we do not have,"

Or that "our cup

Of love from God

Must be so full,

It overflows

On others everyday."

But is this

Even remotely close

To what the Savior said

When the twelve disciples

Begged for spiritual bread?

"And the apostles

Said to the Lord,

'Increase our faith.'

So the Lord said,

'If you have faith

As a mustard seed,

You can say to this

Mulberry tree,

'Be pulled up by the roots

And be planted in the sea,'

And it would obey you.' "Luke 17:5-6

A mustard seed of faith?


But surely only

At the start.

Because aren't we supposed

To water it?

And weed it?

And nurture it

And feed it?

Until our tiny

Seed of faith sprouts,

And grows to be

As mighty as a tree?

But no,

This isn't what

The Savior said at all.

Nor did He ever indicate,

That our seed of faith

Would need to grow so tall.

And the only time

It seems He did,

The tiny seed He spoke of

Did not refer to faith at all.


It symbolized

The growth and spread