Certified So: Redefining Happiness

God does!Luke 11:9-13Ephesians 3:14-21

All we have to do

Is freely give away

The tiny seeds of hope

That God so freely gives us.

And always seek to sow

The little seeds of happiness

That God Himself dispenses—Ecclesiastes 11:6Hosea 10:12

Even when it seems like

Our faith is in decline

And hope

And happiness

Are very hard to find.

For just as surely

As we do,

We will just as surely find

That the reason why we have

An innate ability

To give so overflowing

And so endlesslyJohn 4:6-14

Is because it doesn't

Come from within.

It comes

From God!John 3:1-81 John 2:28-29


Because it comes

From God,

This means

That we never

Have to have

An overflowing measure

To always have enough to give

An overflowing measure

All the time.

Because for every

Seed of hope

Or happiness

That we so freely

Give away,

God will just as freely

Give us yet another,

And then another,

And then another

Mustard seeds' worthRomans 8:32

Of the very thing

We thought we never had

Enough of,

Until He overwhelms us

With the fact that

Just a mustard seeds' worth

Is way more than enough of

Anything we need

To always have enough

To feed the needs of others!Luke 10:25-37