Certified So: Redefining Happiness
Much Fruit

"So she went away

And did according

To the word of Elijah;

And she

And he

And her household

Ate for many days.

The bin of flour

Was not used up,

Nor did the jar of oil

Run dry,

According to the word

Of the LORD

Which He spoke by Elijah."1 Kings 17:15-16

God's Eternal Word

Is sure:Psalm 119:89

If we do the same


We will see the same today.

The same supernatural

Miracle of "much fruit"

That Jesus spoke of

On the night the moonlight

Shone like a spotlight

On the deed that Judas did

When he betrayed Him.

For even then

When He knew

The very ones He spoke to

Would soon run away

Or say they never knew Him,Mark 14:29-72

And even though

His own heart broke

With the very thought,

That His Father

Might disown Him,Mark 15:34

Even then,


Still sought

To soothe the hearts of those

Who really should have sought

To soothe Him.Matthew 26:36-41

And He steadfastly

Focused on the needs

Of those around Him first.John 13:2-5

And He first and lastly

Spoke of hope

And how we ought to feed

Our neighbor first.John 14:1-3John 15:12-13

And then,

To summarize

The reason why

He simply said,

"These things

I have spoken to you,