Certified So: Redefining Happiness
The Still Small Voice

Because he,

Whom we rightly call

The Great Deceiver, knows

That if we try

To serve the Lord

The way that he instructs us to1 Timothy 4:1

While thinking we are heeding

What the Holy Spirit

Says we ought to do,1 John 3:10-15Galatians 5:16-17

Then we will falter,

And become discouraged,

And surely fail

Because he makes us focus

On our own needs first

Instead of on the needs

Of those around us.


The Devil doesn't

Mind at all

If we strive

To serve the Lord,

As long as all we do

Is say we try

To serve the Lord,

Because he makes us think

That no one really

Can obey the Lord,

And therefore,

He causes us to think

The deeds we do

Don't matter.James 2:14-26

This is why

The subtle Tempter

Tries so hard to imitate

The Holy Spirit's

Inner whisper.James 1:131 John 4:1

It's so he can make us think

That he's the Holy One

Who's sent to lead us,John 14:26John 16:12-14

And then mislead us

Into being focused

On ourselves.

This is also how he sought

To overcome the Savior

And how he tried to cause

Our Lord to waver

In His quest

To save man.

For when the Son of God

Had fasted

For forty nights

And forty daysMatthew 4:1-2

And Satan thought

He finally had a chance

To ply his wicked ways,

Then posing as an angel