Certified So: Redefining Happiness
The Curse

We say the reason

Why we swore

Or have a temper

Is because

"I didn't get to

Pray enough today."

Or because

"I didn't get to

Meditate enough today."

Or because

"I didn't get to

Eat, or drink, or sleep enough,

Or to read

The Word of God enough

To make me strong enough,

To make it through the day!"

When Elijah

Met the widow,

She felt the same way too.

For she echoed everything

That everyone around her,

Said we ought to do.1 Kings 17:8-12

But would the miracle

Have occurred

If she had mimicked

What her neighbors

Said we ought to do?


If she had done

The very same things

That we still are taught

We ought to do?

For every reason

We can think of

To explain the reason

Why we think we need

To feed our own needs first,

There is a withered,

Barren fig tree

Standing by

The road of life

That warns us

Of the final end

Of those who do.


Is why the Savior

Cursed the fig tree.


Not because there wasn't

A bumper crop of fruit.

But rather,

Because it sought to feed

Its own needs first

Instead of feeding others

Any fruit.

For even if the Maker

Of the fig tree