Certified So: Redefining Happiness
Seven Times

And ten changes

Of clothing.

Then he brought the letter

To the king of Israel,

Which said,

'Now be advised,

When this letter

Comes to you,

That I have sent Naaman

My servant to you,

That you

May heal him

Of his leprosy.'

And it happened,

When the king of Israel

Read the letter,

That he tore his clothes

And said,

'Am I God,

To kill and make alive,

That this man

Sends a man to me

To heal him of his leprosy?


Please consider,

And see how he seeks

A quarrel with me.'

So it was,

When Elisha

The man of God

Heard that the king

Of Israel

Had torn his clothes,

That he sent to the king,


'Why have you

Torn your clothes?

Please let him

Come to me,

And he shall know

That there is a prophet

In Israel.'

Then Naaman went

With his horses

And chariot,

And he stood at the door

Of Elisha's house.

And Elisha

Sent a messenger to him,



And wash in the Jordan

Seven times,

And your flesh

Shall be restored to you,

And you shall be clean.'