Certified So: Redefining Happiness
Feed Me First

"I'm sorry."

Or, "Please forgive me."

Or, "What can I do

To help today?"

Even when it seems like

It's the hardest thing

We've ever had to say!

But we say it anyway.

And the reason

Why we say it

Is because

Now we know

That there is really

Only one way

To truly walk with God

And grow in grace.

And that's by letting

Someone who's impatient

Cut in line.

Or by sharing just a moment

Of our time.

Or by a thousand other

Little things

The Lord empowers us

To do or say

To help and bless

The lives of others everyday!

But isn't it,

A little hypocritical

To encourage others

To be happy

When we're not?

Or to try

To nurture patience

In the hearts of others

When we ourselves

Are overwrought?


Because the very instant,

That we do,

In faith

However small,

A miracle occurs.

And even though

It seemed like

We had hardly any

Happiness at all,

God gives us yet another,

And then another,

And then another

Mustard seed of happiness

To share with those around us,

Until the magnitude

Of what the Lord has wrought

Confounds us.