Certified So: Redefining Happiness

this reason, my sentences became shorter and shorter as I sought to emphasize the most important parts. Eventually, a sentence only had two or three words, and a paragraph was equally pared down. And then it clicked: This was the gold plated can opener I was looking for!

You have probably already guessed by now, that I do not believe in accidents. Not when something this profound occurs. In hindsight, I can also see the reason why it took so long to write this book. Nearly nine years. This was by design, too. Because I had to fully live it, before I could fully give it. In a very real sense, every chapter had to be taste tested, field tested and lived in the laboratory of life before it passed inspection.

But all of this is just the back story. You see, this book isn't about me; it is about you and the amazing changes that occur when you seek to certify this paradigm. In the end it will help you redefine the source of true happiness!

Roland Coleman


It would take many pages to list the names of all the family and friends who helped this book become a reality. I am deeply in debt to all of you. Especially my wife, without whose support this never would have happened. Thank you!

But, to give credit where credit is truly due, my greatest praise really belongs to God. He alone is the inspiration for writing this book!