Certified So: Redefining Happiness
Seven Times

But Naaman became furious,

And went away

And said,


I said to myself,

'He will surely

Come out to me,

And stand

And call on the name

Of the Lord his God,

And wave his hand

Over the place,

And heal the leprosy.

Are not the Abanah

And the Pharpar,

The rivers of Damascus,

Better than all

The waters of Israel?

Could I not

Wash in them

And be clean?'

So he turned

And went away in a rage.

And his servants came near

And spoke to him,

And said,

'My father,

If the prophet

Had told you

To do something great,

Would you not

Have done it?

How much more then,

When he says to you,


And be clean?' '

So he went down

And dipped seven times

In the Jordan,

According to the saying

Of the man of God;

And his flesh

Was restored like the flesh

Of a little child,

And he was clean."2 Kings 5:1-14


Naaman's strategy

To conquer leprosy

Revolved around a plan

Where everyone

Was focused on himself.

First there was the king

Who knew how much

He needed Naaman.

For he knew how much