Certified So: Redefining Happiness
The Waiter

And often

Into the water.

So I brought him

To Your disciples,

But they could not

Cure him.'

Then Jesus answered

And said,

'O faithless

And perverse generation,

How long

Shall I be with you?

How long

Shall I bear with you?

Bring him here to Me.'

And Jesus

Rebuked the demon,

And it came out of him;

And the child

Was cured

From that very hour.

Then the disciples

Came to Jesus privately

And said,

'Why could we not

Cast it out?'

So Jesus said to them,

'Because of your unbelief;

For assuredly,

I say to you,

If you have faith

As a mustard seed,

You will say

To this mountain,

'Move from here to there,'

And it will move;

And nothing

Will be impossible

For you.' "Matthew 17:14-21




With just a mustard seed?

The twelve disciples

Thought this seemed

Way too impossible

For them to acquiesce

Or believe!


They focused on increasing

And strengthening

The thing they deemed

To be too weak,

And asked the Lord