Certified So: Redefining Happiness
The Curse

But if not,

After that

You can cut it down.' "Luke 13:6-9

The question,

Jesus seems to pose

Here is:

"Where were

The little figs

That should have fed

The hungry farmer?"

It is very clear

For all to see,

That they were in the tree,

Instead of on the tree,

Tightly sealed in the sap

That flowed inside

The barren branches.

For the roots had "eaten"

Everything the tree needed,

To bear much fruit,Isaiah 5:1-7

But like the Pharisees,

This tree's priorities,

Were backwards,

And from day to day

Its barren branches

Seemed to say,

"I need a little more

Of the sun's bright rays,

And I need a gentle wind

To move me.

I need another drink

Of the dew or rain,

And I need a longer root

To feed me."


We could say this was

A fig tree

That ate its own fruit

Because it used

All the nutriments

That God had given it

To feed itself,

Instead of others.

But then again,

Don't we too

Do the same

If we only offer leaves

To those who look for love

And understanding?James 2:14-17

Or if we fail to feed

The needs of those

We deem to be impatient

Or demanding?Matthew 5:38-42

And then,