Certified So: Redefining Happiness


Is the very moment

When we stop to marvel

At the magnitude

Of how amazing

The mustard seed miracle

Really is.

For this

Is when we finally

Start to comprehend

Why His yoke

Of serving others

Really is so easy,

And why

All the burdens

That He spoke of

Really are so restful

And so light.

Because it's easy

For us to always

Feel like we have

Just a mustard seed

Of faith,

Or patience,

Or peace of mind

At any given time.

And yet it's very hard,

For us to always

Feel like we have

An overflowing measure

All the time.

So have you ever

Felt like

You only have

A mustard seed of faith

Abiding in you?

Or has it ever

Seemed like

The measure

Of your happiness

Is so small,

That there is hardly

Any happiness at all

Residing in you?

If so,

Then that's okay!

Because He,

Whom we love to call

Our Lord and Savior,

And He,

Who also labored as

Our Maker and Creator,John 1:1-14

Has promised

He will always give us

Just exactly what we need,

And just exactly