Certified So: Redefining Happiness
Much Fruit

Of peace of mind.

And now,

Holding one in either hand,

Please stand,

And when you slowly

Lift your limbs

On either side,

What have you just become?

A fruit tree,


A fruit-bearing

Fruit of the Spirit

Fruit tree,

Just like we're

Supposed to be!


Not exactly.

Because there really isn't

"Much fruit"

Hanging on your branches,

Is there?

And yet don't you really

Long for more?

And yet don't you often

Pray and plead for more?

And don't you hunger

To be filled

With the very

Fruit of the Spirit

That you hold?

If so,

Then freely eat!


And keep on eating

Until your stomach is as full

As your heart longs to be.


With the Fruits of the Spirit!

But wait a minute.

Isn't something wrong here?

Because aren't we

Supposed to be

A spiritual fruit tree?

Or at least resemble those

Who say they try to be?

And yet,

If so,

Have you ever seen

A fruit tree

Eat its own fruit?


And that's because

They don't.

And yet whom do we