Certified So: Redefining Happiness
Feed Me First


As she was going to get it,

He called to her and said,

"Please bring me

A morsel of bread

In your hand."1 Kings 17:10-11

Then the widow

Answered him and said,

"As the LORD

Your God lives,

I do not have bread,

Only a handful

Of flour in a bin,

And a little oil

In a jar;

And see,

I am gathering

A couple of sticks

That I may go in

And prepare it for myself

And my son,

That we may eat it,

And die."1 Kings 17:12

On the surface,

Elijah's next request

Seems so selfish

We often wonder

Why he said it?

Was it just

To test her faith?

Or was there

A more important

Underlying reason?

"And Elijah said to her,

'Do not fear.

Go and do

As you have said,

But make me a small cake

From it first,

And bring it to me.


Make some

For yourself

And your son.

For thus says

The LORD God of Israel;

'The bin of flour

Shall not be used up,

Nor shall the jar of oil

Run dry,

Until the day

The LORD sends rain

On the earth.' '

So she went away

And did according to