Certified So: Redefining Happiness

That My joy

May remain in you,

And that your joy,

May be full."John 15:11

For His joy

Has always been

The joy of showing us

That even if we only have

An apples worth

Of happiness,


With God,

It is utterly


To ever give it

All away!Matthew 14:15-21

The Curse


ome have said that faith

Is like the gas in our car.

Without it

We cannot go very far

And that the way

To keep our tank full

Is to read the Word

And be more prayerful

And to keep our thoughts

On God throughout the day.

But what happens,

If the busy-ness of life

Interrupts these things

And deprives us

Of the time

We set aside

To meditate

And pray?

Will we tend to be