Certified So: Redefining Happiness
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We call her

The destitute widow

Of Zarephath.

But what can we surmise

About the size of her faith?

As in,

How much

Do you think she really had?

Because Elijah,

Was a total stranger.

So could she really put

Her total trust in him?


The truth be known,

We know she couldn't.

For in her dire situation

What she really had

Was just an ounce of faith,

And a ton of desperation.

And yet,

Even though

Elijah knew this,

Did he chide her

To increase it?

Or advise her

On how she ought to

Strengthen it?

Or did he simply sigh,

And say the Lord

Must have meant someone else?


He didn't.

In fact,

He seemed to think

A mustard seed of faith,

Was just enough for her

To do what with?

It was just enough for her,

To have something in her heart

To give away!


What became of

Her feeble faith

The very moment that she did?

So what are we

To think then?

That she was just

An ordinary widow,

With no extraordinary reason

To explain the reason

She was singled out?

Surely not!

Perhaps it was because

She was so full of happiness,

It overflowed,