Certified So: Redefining Happiness
Much Fruit

And the earnestness,

With which we pray

And seek?

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leepy streets yawned,

And darkened houses

Dreamed on,

As Jesus

And eleven pensive men

Passed by,

Softly walking

On the shadows

Of the night.

And yet even though


They could faintly see

In feeble light,

For reasons only

Jesus knew,


Was nowhere in sight.John 18:1-3

Which meant

That it was almost all

But over now.

His hour

Had nearly come.Matthew 26:45-47

But what could He say

That He hadn't said?

Or do

That He hadn't done?

As Jesus slowly walked,

And calmly talked

With His disciples

As they wend their way,

The moonlight,

Shone like a spotlight

On a fruitful vine

Beside the garden gate.

And this

Is what it prompted Him

To say.

"I am the vine,

You are the branches.

He who abides

In Me,

And I in him,

Bears much fruit;

For without Me

You can do nothing.

If anyone

Does not abide in Me,

He is cast out

As a branch

And is withered;