Certified So: Redefining Happiness

His iron armor?1 Samuel 17:4-8, 41-51

Or when

Holy men of old

Defied the king

When they were told

That they would die

If they did not deny the Lord

Or heed an evil order?Daniel 3:14-26


What about the widow

Who said she never

Knew the Lord,

And yet she had

An order from the Lord

To feed all the food

She had

To a total stranger?1 Kings 17:8-16

As we ponder on

These themes and thoughts

And think about

These observations,

It underscores

The reason for this

Little dissertation

Where we take clichés

That seem to be above reproach

Or condemnation,

And subject them to

A thorough cross-examination

In the light

Of what we learn about

The Mustard Seed Concept.

The Mustard Seed Concept . . .

That most amazing,

Life changing concept

That permeates

Every page of the Bible!