Certified So: Redefining Happiness
Seven Times

His future hinged

On Naaman's finding

Better health.

And then there were

The subjects of the king

Who also knew how much

They needed Naaman.

Because they knew

That if he died,

It could lead

To their demise

And their defeat,

At the hands of all

Their enemies.

Naaman knew too,

Just exactly what

He stood to loose

If he lost

His fight with leprosy.

And yet,

If he really knew,

Then why did he

Initially refuse

To immerse himself,

In a muddy river?

It was because

He thought

That the man of God

Should be in awe

Of his status and his wealth

And covet all the riches

That he brought

And greedily accept them

In exchange for his healing

And his health.

But God's ways,

Are not our ways,Isaiah 55:8-9

Nor does He ever

Honor those

Who are focused

On themselves.Luke 18:9-14

Even if they think

The reason seems so pure

That they're sure

They won't be holy

If they don't,

Seek to strengthen

Everything they think

They need to strengthen,

In their own soul first.Luke 17:5-6

But aren't we

Supposed to be

Totally focused on

Our spiritual healing

And on everything