Certified So: Redefining Happiness
The Still Small Voice

Nor deride us.

Nor will He ever

Rub it in

Or try to make us

Feel small.

So the very next time

When you start to hear

A holy sounding

Voice of conviction

But it tends to be the one

That always pokes you

And prods you

To be absorbed

With your own

Spiritual condition,

Then let this

Be your earnest prayer

And your sincere petition.

"Thank You Lord,

For the promise

I will always have,

At least a mustard seed's worth,

Of everything I need to have.

Now please help me find someone

Who needs these very things,

And teach me how to try

To give them all away!"Proverbs 11:25

And how do we

Give them all away?

By simply seeking

To encourage or increase

The very things we think

We have the very least of

In the hearts and minds

Of others everyday!Matthew 25:31-46


Even when,


Especially when,

Our faith and willpower

Seem way too weak

To enable us to seek

To do the will of God

Or to empower us

To obey.Mark 5:1-202 Corinthians 12:10


Now we know

That just a little tiny

Mustard seed

Of anything at all

Is all we ever need

To always have enough

To feed the needs

Of those around us!Isaiah 58:6-12Philippians 4:13