Certified So: Redefining Happiness
Much Fruit

Seek to feed

When we say or pray

The following?

"I need more of this Fruit.

And I need more of that Fruit.

And please Lord,

Please fill me with

The Fruits of the Spirit,


This prayer


The reason why

The Lord used parables.

And it summarizes

Why He said

Our lives are comparable

To fruit trees.

Because a fruit tree,

Doesn't ever eat

Its own fruit.

And a lowly fruit tree,

Never seeks to feed

Its own root.

Nor does it ever try

To multiply

Or bear more fruit,

Just so it can satisfy

Its branches.


A fruit tree

Always seeks to feed

The needs of others first.

And a faithful fruit tree,

Always tries to satisfy

The lives of those around it first,

Even if there's

Very little fruit

Growing on its branches.

So can we really

Claim to be a fruit tree?

Or can we truly

Say we aim

To be a fruit tree

If our happiness depends

Upon the quantity of fruit

Hanging on our branches?

In the Sermon

On the Mount,

The Savior said

Something else

That applies here.

For when He wanted

Those who heard Him

To know the way

They'd heard it all their life

Wasn't so,