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For when those He had chosen


And went their own way,

He looked for,

And found,

More faith

In a heathen widow

Than in a nation

Of professedly

God fearing men.

Our story begins

When Elijah the Tishbite,

Prophet of God,

Delivered this message

To wicked king Ahab,

Ruler of reprobate Israel.

"As the LORD God

Of Israel lives,

Before whom I stand,

There shall not be

Dew nor rain

These years,

Except at my word."1 Kings 17:1

Then he ran and hid

By a little brook,

As the Lord instructed him to.


Brought him food,

And there was an abundance

Of water to drink.

But eventually,

The creek dried up.1 Kings 17:7

Now what?

" 'Arise,

Go to Zarephath,

Which belongs to Sidon,

And dwell there,'

The LORD said.


I have commanded

A widow there

To provide for you.' "1 Kings 17:9 KJV/NKJV

So he arose.

And went.

And indeed

A widow was gathering sticks

By the city gate.

But was she the one?

And if so,

How would he know?

All he could do was ask,

So he said,

"Please bring me

A little water in a cup,

That I may drink."