Certified So: Redefining Happiness
Seven Times

And tightly

Bound together,

To the very same

Supernatural miracle

Of God's amazing grace

That softens

Hardened hearts

And makes us one

In mind and heart

With our Creator.2 Corinthians 5:171 John 4:20-21

For just as surely

As we cannot wash

A table full of dirty dishes

Without our own fingers

Getting cleaner with it,

And neither can we help

Our neighbor wash

His muddy car

Without our own hands

Getting softer

In the soapy water.

So too,

With all the Lord

Has promised He will do.


Neither can we stoop

To wash the feet

Of one anotherLuke 7:36-50

Or seek to bind the wounds

Or heal the hurts

Of one another

Without our own hands

Getting cleaner

And without our own heart

Getting softer

In the soapy water

Of the Spirit

Of He who did the same.John 13:2-14

For it wasn't

Just the act

Of Naaman dipping

In the river seven times

That healed him.

It was the fact

That it symbolized the fact,

That if we seek to feed

The needs of others first,

All the time,

Even when we only have

A mustard seed of faith

Or peace of mind,Zechariah 7:8-10

Then He who healed

Naaman's leprosy

Has promised

He will also heal