Certified So: Redefining Happiness
Much Fruit

He started out by saying

Something similar

To the words we read below.

"You have heard it said of old,"

He said,

And then,

He reiterated

What they always said.Matthew 5:21-22

"But I say unto you . . ."

And then He boldly told them

What they should have said.

Now let's say the same ourselves

To illustrate

What Jesus might have said

To set the record straight


"You have heard it said of old,

That you need to feed

Your own needs first,

Before you seek to feed

The needs of others.

But I say unto you

That a fruit tree

Never eats its own fruit.

Instead it always seeks to feed

The needs of those around it,


Even if

There is very little fruit

Growing on its branches."Based on      Matthew 5:43-48and Romans 13:8-10 

Some say,

That feeding others first

Sounds way too


Or that it seems

Way too implausible

To ever really work.

But is it?


But only in

The very same sense,

That every miracle

The Lord ever did,

Or ever will do,

Is utterly impossible

For us to fabricate,

Or imitate,

Or do.

Simply put,

The ways of God

Are way beyond

Our comprehension.

And yet even though

They far exceed