Certified So: Redefining Happiness
The Still Small Voice

To choose an easy way out.


That would avoid

All the pain

That saving us

Would mean

That He must suffer.Matthew 4:8-9

But how could,

The Son of Man

Bow to

The Devil's wishes

Or demands

And still be our Example . . .1 Peter 2:21

Still be He

Who from eternity

Has always sought

To feed the needs

Of others first?Isaiah 57:15Luke 4:40

Jesus knew He couldn't,

And He knew He wouldn't,

Ever leave us

Or forsake usHebrews 13:5

Or refuse to redeem us

With His blood.John 3:16Romans 5:6-10

So when His evil rival Satan

Saw the Savior

Would not heed him

Nor bow the knee

By thinking He must focus

On His own needs first

And how to feed them

Then he knew

He was defeated

So he finally fled.Matthew 4:10-11


What the holy sounding

Wicked one

Failed to do

That day,

He still tries to do

To this very day

By making us believe

The things we hear him say

Are the promptings

And the movings

Of the Holy Spirit.

Yet there is always

Just a little catch.

Because whenever Satan

Tries to deceive us

And strives to make us think

That he's the Holy One

Who's sent to lead us,Romans 8:14

His holy sounding words

Of admonition