Certified So: Redefining Happiness

And then He made

The lovely Eve.

And Adam

Deeply loved her.Genesis 2:18-23

And they both loved

The Selfless One

Whose hands

Refused to rest,

And whose heart

Could not be blessed,

Until all

Their earthly needs

Were fully met.

Only then,

Did the hands of Jesus

Stop to rest.Genesis 2:1-3Isaiah 44:24

For God's rest,

The kind of rest

The Lamb of God blessed,Matthew 12:1-8John 1:29

Is a feed-your-fellowman



Just like she

Who fed Elijah.1 Kings 17:8-16

And God's rest,

The kind of rest

The Son of God

Blessed,1 John 4:15-16, 20-21

Is a love your neighbor

As yourself

Labor of loveLeviticus 19:18Matthew 22:35-40

That constrains us

To feed the needs

Of others first

Before we stop to rest.Matthew 14:13-21

Only then

Can we ever truly

Enter into His rest.Hebrews 4:9-10

And yet if so,

Then why is wearing

His yoke

Of serving others

Said to be so easy?Matthew 11:28-29

And why

Are bearing all the burdens

That He spoke of

Deemed to be so restful

And so light?Matthew 5:38-48

It's because we don't

Provide the food

That feeds the multitude.Luke 9:12-17

And it's because we don't

Supply the seed of faith

That makes us think

It's even possible.